Friday, February 22, 2008

Since the writers strike is over...

I figured I should maybe get back to my story. Sorry about the long time between posts...but I really have no excuse, so let's just move on, shall we? We continue on January 18, 2007:

The ER was pretty busy when we got there, and there was no way I could stand while waiting in the long line to check in. I shuffled off to an empty seat, got my arm as comfortable as possible, and Tiff went to line up. Diane had taken Gabby home. I sat and watched as a young man holding a bandage to his head checked in, and thought that my issues were nothing compared to that guy. I figured gaping headwounds would take precedence over fevers and sore arms when it comes time for the triage nurse to decide who needs to be seen first.

Tiff was at the front of the line within only a few minutes, so I hauled myself out of the chair and joined her at the desk. The nurse behind the desk asked some questions, and with each one she asked my head seemed to pound even more. It was the most I'd stood for a couple days, and I wasn't doing too well with it. I still tried to downplay my symptoms, thinking that most of the people around me probably had "real" problems, but Tiff, being the paranoid overprotective crazy that she is, she "upplayed" what I tried to downplay. At some point, the nurse asked me if I always looked so pale. I told her I did, since as a lot of you know, I'm the whitest man in the world, but Tiff pointed out (correctly) that I definitely didn't look this pale all the time.

We quickly were put through to another nurse who took my vitals. This was a new experience for me. I'd never had my vitals taken before. Blood pressure, temperature, and an O2 level were taken. Other than my temperature, I had no idea what any of my readings meant, or if they were good or bad....but within minutes we were ushered into a small private room ahead of a lot of people that were in line before us, including the guy with the head wound. I was given my very first hospital gown to change into for the very first time I'd ever been admitted to a hospital.

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